Cutaway of relief valve with parts labeled

Pressure Relief Valves: Critical to Pump and System Safety and Reliability

A key advantage of rotary positive displacement pumps is providing consistent flow regardless of changes in liquid viscosity or differential pressure. But should a downstream blockage occur, pressure will rapidly build and may exceed the rating of the pump, drive equipment, system, or any combination thereof, with the potential for damage and…

motor driven glycol pump next to natural gas driven pumps

U.S. EPA Bans Natural Gas-Driven Pumps

A new EPA rule, published December 2, 2023, covering new and existing oil and gas operations, requires the use of zero-emissions pumps instead of natural gas-driven pumps, with very few exceptions. It also restricts other natural gas-driven equipment, limits fugitive emissions and calls for reduced flaring of associated gas

Kerr pump and supply building

Distributor Spotlight | Kerr Pump & Supply

Kerr Pump & Supply, a notable first distributor of Viking pumps, has an illustrious 100+ years business history in the Detroit area. The company began manufacturing electric and steam driven centrifugal pumps under the name of Kerr Machinery & Supply, founded in 1905 by Alexander M. Kerr, along with his two sons, David and Robert, and incorporated in 1907. A profile written about…


Viking Pumps load vacuum gas oil onto barge in cold water environment

An Engineering firm recently purchased three large internal gear pumps through a local distributor in northern Illinois. In this case, the pumps were intended to be a prime mover for loading their customer’s product—vacuum gas oil (VGO)—onto a transport barge. Traditional pumping technology, i.e., centrifugal pumps, was not a viable…

Glycol pump

Driving Natural Gas with Glycol Pumps

Industrial gear pumps have many uses in a wide array of market applications—ranging from food processing to pouring asphalt. A growing area in need of specialized gear pumps is in the oil and gas industry, particularly with regards to the removal of water from natural gas via dehydration. Viking Pump entered this market to support customers striving to deliver high-quality…

Asphalt being spread onto road

Use of Bitumen & Asphalt: The heat is on

Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid, or semi-solid form of petroleum. Asphalt is man's earliest organic engineering material. Its application as an adhesive and waterproof material dates to the dawn of civilization. The asphalt market thrives today largely for road building, roofing, and various types of repair work where its…

ice breaker ship in the harbor

Viking at the Museum: The Ice Breaker Mackinaw

On December 17, 1941- just 10 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor- the United States Congress approved the construction of the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw WAGB-83. The purpose of the ship was to forge a path for transport ships by breaking up thick ice that formed on the Great Lakes during frigid winter months. This allowed iron ore, limestone, and coal to be transported keeping…

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