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Sales Terms And Conditions

Sales Terms And Conditions

The Company hereby certifies these goods were produced in compliance with all applicable requirements of sections 6, 7, and 12 of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, and of regulations and orders of the United States Department of Labor issued under section 14 thereof. 


Viking Pump warrants all products manufactured by it to be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of one (1) year from date of startup, provided that in no event shall this warranty extend more than eighteen (18) months from date of shipment from Viking Pump. The warranty period for 124A, 4124A, 4124B, 224A, 4224A, 4224B, 324A. 4324A. 126A, 4126A, 123A, 4123A, 223A,4223A, 323A, 4323A, 127A. 4127A, 227A, 4227A, 327 and 4327A series pumps ONLY, shipped after July 1, 2001, (Universal Seal models listed below) is three (3) years from date of startup, provided that in no event shall this warranty extend more than forty−two (42) months from the date of shipment from Viking Pump. 

If during said warranty period, any products sold by Viking Pump prove to be defective in workmanship or material under normal use and service, and if such products are returned to Viking Pump’s factory at Cedar Falls, Iowa transportation charges prepaid, and if the products are found by Viking Pump to be defective in workmanship or material, they will be replaced or repaired free of charge, F.O.B. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Viking Pump assumes no liability for consequential damages of any kind and the purchaser by acceptance of delivery assumes all liability for the consequences of the use or misuse of Viking Pump products by the purchaser, his employees or others. Viking Pump will assume no field expense for service or parts unless authorized by it in advance. 

Equipment and accessories purchased by Viking Pump from outside sources, which are incorporated into any Viking Pump product, are warranted only to the extent of and by the original manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee, if any. 


No officer or employee of IDEX Corporation or Viking Pump is authorized to alter this warranty. 

Universal Product Line Series: 124A, 4124A, 4124B, 224A, 4224A, 4224B, 324A. 4324A. 126A, 4126A, 123A, 4123A, 223A,4223A, 323A, 4323A, 127A. 4127A, 227A, 4227A, 327 and 4327A, that include sizes H, HL, K, KK, L, LQ, LL, LS, Q, QS, N and R. 


Any prices applicable to, or quoted for, the material to be shipped hereunder are current, but the price in effect at time of shipment will apply. 


The amount of any present or future Sales, Use, or other similar tax applicable to the equipment sold hereunder shall be added to the purchase price and shall be paid by you in the same manner and with the same effect as if originally added hereto. 


Delivery of the equipment hereunder will be using Incoterms, unless otherwise stated on the order, and thereafter risk of loss will be upon the purchaser. Viking Pump reserves the right to ship orders earlier than the Promised Date unless the order is marked “Do Not Ship Before Promised Date”. 

Shipping dates given in advance of actual shipment are estimated and deliveries will be made subject to prior orders on file with us. We will not be liable for delays resulting from fire or other causalities, labor or transportation difficulties, delays at our usual sources of supply, or without limitation by the foregoing, any other causes beyond our control. 

Transportation Company’s receipt constitutes delivery after which our responsibility ceases. Claims for shortage must be made within five days after receipt of goods. 


Buyer agrees to pay interest at the rate of 2 percent per month on any balance not paid and received within the stated payment terms. Such interest shall be payable within 30 days from the interest invoice date. 

Buyer and seller agree that whenever it is legally permissible that laws of the State of Iowa will be applicable as to the maximum rate of interest, which may be charged on sums payable under this contract. In the event charging interest at the rate of 2 percent per month would be a violation of the law, buyer and seller agree the interest rate will be adjusted to the highest legal rate. Buyer agrees to pay all legal fees incurred in the process of collecting unpaid and past due Viking Pump invoices. 

The terms of payment are subject to the approval of our Credit Department and in case of doubt arising as to the purchaser’s financial responsibility; shipments may be suspended until satisfactory credit rating is established. 


If the customer has a legitimate reason for requesting cancellation of an order after it has been accepted and acknowledged, the Company’s written approval of cancellation must be obtained 30 days prior to scheduled shipping date. The Company’s policy will be to assess a minimum cancellation charge of $100.00 when no work has been started, purchased materials have not been ordered, or if a stock product or part is cancelled. 

On non−stock items the cancellation charge will be based on work completed and material purchased with a minimum charge of 10% of the original order. 


Written authorization must be obtained from the Company before any Company product or other equipment used with the Company product can be returned for credit. Product that has been drop shipped from one of our partner suppliers must have an authorization from Viking Pump to be returned to the originating company following their procedure for returns. 

When the Company products have been authorized for return and credit, they are subject to inspection and if found by the factory to be in first class condition, they may be subject to a restocking charge, amounting to 20% of the original net price or a $100.00 minimum restocking charge, whichever is greater. 


Your order and this acknowledgement / invoice and acceptance constitute the entire agreement between the parties and we shall not be bound by any agent’s or employee’s representation, promise, or inducement not set forth in this agreement. 


Viking Pump products and associated technical data are subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations, and may not be exported or re−exported to destinations forbidden by the Department of Commerce’s Export Administration. By purchasing Viking Pump products, you agree and warrant to Viking Pump that neither 

you nor your subsidiaries shall knowingly: (1) Export or re−export, directly or indirectly any technical data (as defined in Part 772 of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations), including the products, received from Viking Pump, or 

(2) Disclose such technical data, or (3) Export or re−export, directly or indirectly, any direct product of such technical data, to any destination or county to which the export or release of such technical data or products is restricted or prohibited by U.S. law. The restricted countries and the prohibitions relating to exports to those countries are included in Part 740 of the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR chapter VII, subchapter C). 


Delivery of product to a carrier at the Viking Pump facility from which the product is shipped will constitute delivery to a customer. Upon delivery of product to the carrier, all risk of loss or damage to such product will pass to and be borne by customer. Viking Pump will not have any liability for any product after delivery to a carrier, including any liability for delays in transit to customer. No loss, damage or delay in transit of product after delivery to a carrier will affect Customer’s obligation to pay the purchase price and other applicable charges. 

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