External Gear Pumps

WHY? The external gear pump is the ultimate solution for high pressure pumping.

  • Bearing support on both sides of the gears enables differential pressures to 500 PSI (34 BAR), or Intermittent to 2,500 PSI (170 BAR)
  • Motor speed operation eliminates cost of speed reducer
  • Eliminates lubrication – no external axial or radial bearing required in most applications


Typical Applications

Common external gear pump applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Various fuel oils & lube oils
  • Chemical additive & polymer metering
  • Chemical mixing & blending (double pump)
  • Industrial & mobile hydraulic applications
  • Low volume transfer or application

Materials of Construction & Configuration Options

Externals (Head, Casing, Bracket)
Iron, ductile iron

Internals (Shafts)

Internals (Gears)

Bushings (Sleeve Bearings)
Carbon, silicon carbide, needle bearings

Shaft Seal
Lip seal, component mechanical seal, sealless magnetic couplings

Key External Gear Pump Elements

Advantages to External Gear Pumps

Higher Pressure Capabilities
With shaft support on both sides of the gears

Multi-Section Pumps
Use one motor for multiple pumping applications, blending liquids, or splitting flows to different uses

Shaft Seal Options
Including lip seal, component mechanical seal and sealless mag drive options

Compact, Close-Coupled Options
For motor speed operation or with gearmotors

Smooth, Non-Pulsing Flow
For accurate flow measurement

Reliable & Easy to Maintain
With only two moving parts

One Shaft Seal
More reliable and lower cost than two used on timed lobe and screw pumps


Flow Range

to 190 GPM
to 719 m3/h


28 to 1,000,000 SSU
1 to 250,000 cST


to 500 PSI
to 34 Bar


-40 to +450 °F
-40 to +230 °C

External Gear Pump Features