The RTP® Series rotary lobe pump was designed specifically for the hygienic stainless steel road tanker industry. It's the perfect solution for transferring high fructose corn syrup, chocolate, dairy, and more. The RTP® can handle flows up to 338 GPM (76.8 m³/h).

Features & Benefits


  • The simple design behind the rotor makes strip cleaning easy and fast
  • Choose the cleaning process that fits your needs: COP (Clean Out of Place) or CIP (Clean In Place)

Ease of Maintenance

  • Innovative front loading seal design enables quick inspection and easy servicing
  • Sealed gearcase with long-life lubrication eliminates oil inspection and filling
  • Easy to service design requires no special tools for disassembly and eliminates need for end clearance adjustments


  • Easily handles higher viscosity liquids with improved pressure capabilities for faster unloading
  • Excellent displacement/weight ratios, meaning more in the tank & less in the cabinet
  • Precision helical gears, rotors & shaft design, with optimized bearing position, minimize overhung load – extending seal & bearing life
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