The Revolution® Series is a positive displacement pump with both rotary lobe and circumferential piston rotor options. This is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical, personal care, foods, and more due to its cleanability, superior performance, and ease of maintenance. It can handle flows up to 399 GPM (91 m³/h).

Features & Benefits


  • Efficient CIP (Clean In Place) ability is standard for all Revolution pumps
  • Self draining pump head from innovative cusps & cusp reliefs
  • Innovative seal design with no dead zones & a dynamic leak path
  • No dead zones on front cover

Ease of Maintenance

  • Fast, front loading seal changes while pump is still in line
  • Front access shimming for setting rotor clearance significantly reduces maintenance time
  • Convenient preventive maintenance parts kits available


  • Improved volumetric efficiency in low & high viscosity applications
  • Up to 15% better flow performance than competitors’ CIP configuration with CPP version
  • Gentle handling of solids & shear sensitive products
  • Long-life durability from heavy duty shafts, bearings & helical gears
  • Less overhung load

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