The TRA®20 Series hygienic pump is the ideal solution for dairy, bakery, meat processing, and more due to its cleanability and efficiency. It can handle flows up to 450 GPM (102 m³/h).

Features & Benefits


  • CIP (Clean In Place) design optional
  • Free draining cover with flat body profile option
  • Sealed shaft with o-ring on rotor & rotor nut


  • Efficient handling for low & high viscosity applications
  • Exclusive, non-galling WFT 808® alloy rotors standard; permits running at tighter clearances
  • High strength17-4 PH single piece shaft standard
  • Improved load carrying capabilities

Ease of Maintenance

  • Drop-in-place with TRA®10 & comparable manufacturer models
  • Interchangeable service parts with comparable manufacturer models
  • Stainless steel bearing retainers standard, prevent rusting

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