Chemical tanker truck

Chemical Transportation Company Saves Time with RTPe Series™

With today’s fast-paced supply chain demands, it is essential that tanker truck systems can unload contents quickly to ensure timely delivery for optimum manufacturing efficiency. Stony Run Enterprises Inc., a family-owned trucking enterprise located in Hamilton, Ohio, understands this sense of urgency with its commitment to transport multiple types of products with “speed,…

Pumps in place for mining operation in Chile

Copper Mining Operation Optimizes Sulfuric Acid Handling

Copper is fast becoming a critical resource as the world shifts to an increasingly lower carbon footprint, and with the growing demand comes a need for more efficient processing (i.e., refining) of the mineral ore.


The owner of a copper mine in Antofagasta City, Chile wanted to replace its legacy centrifugal pumps used…

Melted chocolate

Chocolate Plant Eliminates Leakage with O-Pro® Barrier

A major producer of chocolate confections in the eastern United States had been operating many Viking pumps on a variety of confectionary liquids for decades.

Many of these gear pumps have shaft packing, an extremely reliable means of preventing leaks, but which require some level of “controlled leakage” to cool and lubricate…


Viking Pumps load vacuum gas oil onto barge in cold water environment

An Engineering firm recently purchased three large internal gear pumps through a local distributor in northern Illinois. In this case, the pumps were intended to be a prime mover for loading their customer’s product—vacuum gas oil (VGO)—onto a transport barge. Traditional pumping technology, i.e., centrifugal pumps, was not a viable…

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