The GB-414 Series™ is the ultimate solution for pipeline injection applications. The rebuildable design is a direct drop-in replacement for Viking Pump's Gen 2 GP-414 Series™ and features new advanced materials on critical internal wear surfaces. It can handle flows up to 210 GPM.

Features & Benefits

Dimensionally Interchangeable with Equivalent Gen 2 GP-414 Sizes

  • New advanced materials on critical internal wear surfaces
  • Enhanced wear resistance and durability extend pump life

Rebuildable Design

  • All internal wear components are easily replaceable
  • Simple disassembly and reassembly process saves time and money
  • Complete rebuild kit brings the pump back to as-new operating condition

Upgraded and Reliable Sealing Solution

  • Type 2 bellows seal with standard 200 PSI inlet rating does not require the pump or motor placement to be moved for a seal change
  • Robust axial thrust control bearing reduces premature seal failure due to elevated inlet pressure, starts, stops, and other unique application conditions

Modular Port Design

  • Standard 180⁰ ports with weld neck adapters to accommodate the flange of your choice
  • Common Port Location (CPL) feature allows for installation of lower flowrate pumps when well production decreases without welding or piping modifications

Compact Footprint

  • 7’ unit length on largest pump and motor assembly
  • Motor speed operation eliminates the need for gear reducers or belt drives
  • Units include small, rigid formed steel baseplate complete with spacer coupling and coupling guard
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