Chocolate Process Map

Viking chocolate transfer pumps are used in chocolate processing (bean to bulk), making confections (bulk to bar), and plants that do both (bean to bar). Whether it's loading or unloading tanker trucks, transferring materials from one process to another, or recirculating dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate in an enrobing machine, Viking does it all. Typical applications are shown on the process map to the right.

The Viking Pump Solution

Internal Gear Pump - How It Works

Viking Pump invented the internal gear pumping principle, a type of positive displacement pump, more than a century ago. The pump rotor (outer gear) is mounted to the shaft and rotates at slow speeds, turning the idler (inner) gear on the idler pin, mounted on the pump head. The gears open large voids between their teeth as they turn, creating low pressure zones that enable atmospheric pressure to flow chocolate in. As the gears re-mesh, the voids collapse and chocolate flows out the discharge port. Flow rate is directly proportional to speed, so variable speed drives can provide precise process control. Direction of flow is reversible, to strip material from the line after pumping.

Chocolate Rotation Cut-Away

Double O-Pro® Seal vs. Packing

We have listened to customers and evolved our offering to provide a seal that reduces loss of product due to leakage. A pump with packing allows for leakage, creating a slippery hazard in facilities. This makes the O-Pro® seal an excellent choice to add to your existing system.

Double O-Ring Seal vs Packing Installed

Packed pump at right leaking cocoa butter, O-Pro® sealed pump at left with no leakage.


Performance Chart

CHC1 Model for Cocoa Liquor, All Chocolates, Pastes (≈5,000 to 200,000 cPs) Max Speed (RPM) Ports (Size) Ports (Type) Ports (Location) CHC2 Model for Cocoa Butter, Oils, Lecithin (≈1 to 5,000 cPs) Max Speed (RPM)
H224A-CHC1 280 1.5" NPT 90° H224A-CHC2 1000
H224A-CHC1 280 2" Flange 90° H224A-CHC2 1000
HL224A-CHC1 280 1.5" NPT 90° HL224A-CHC2 1000
HL224A-CHC1 280 2" Flange 90° HL224A-CHC2 1000
K224A-CHC1 190 2" NPT 90° K224A-CHC2 780
K224A-CHC1 190 2" / 3" Flange 90° K224A-CHC2 780
KK224A-CHC1 190 2" NPT 90° KK224A-CHC2 780
KK224A-CHC1 190 2" / 3" Flange 90° KK224A-CHC2 780
LQ224A-CHC1 125 3" / 4" Flange 90° LQ224A-CHC2 640
LL224A-CHC1 125 3" / 4" Flange 90° LL224A-CHC2 520
LS224A-CHC1 125 3" / 4" Flange 90° LS224A-CHC2 640
Q224A-CHC1 100 4" Flange 90° Q224A-CHC2 470
QS224A-CHC1 100 6" Flange 180° QS224A-CHC2 470

Speak to an Expert

Joel Fenton

Joel Fenton

Regional Sales Manager, Viking Pump

Office Phone: 224-358-9798

The Viking Pump Advantage

Viking Pump has been a trusted partner in reliability with chocolate and confectionery processors around the world for more than a century. As the world's leading positive displacement pump manufacturer, solving difficult liquid transfer problems is what we do. And it doesn't get more difficult than chocolate, so you can rely on Viking's experience and expertise.

  • Low shear design protects delicate shear sensitive chocolate suspensions
  • Hard materials provide long life on abrasive liquors and chocolates
  • Internal gear pump principle handles viscosities ranging from thin cocoa butter to thick peanut butter
  • Rotatable casing can locate ports in any of 8 positions for easy piping connections
  • Simple, in-house maintenance
  • Stocking distributors worldwide provide local sales service and support
  • In-house research lab for prompt liquid performance and endurance testing