Kadens Kloset Receives Donation from Viking Pump

The Viking Pump ROOTS Committee awarded Kadens Kloset with a $5,000 donation to go towards their local efforts in the Cedar Valley.

ROOTS committee members giving Kadens Kloset co-founder $5000 check
(Left-to-right: Christopher Corday, Kristle Davis (Co-founder of KK), and Kristina Horn)



Kadens Kloset is a humanitarian organization that is 100% volunteer-run and strives to meet the needs of children and families within our local community. They supply material items and necessities such as clothing, school supplies, toiletries, and more for foster and adoptive families in order to make children and teens feels more confident and comfortable.

An example of what Kadens Kloset provides are First Night Bags.

The First Night Bags typically include underwear, socks, toiletries, a comfort item, and a pillow case for the recipient to keep.  Kristle Davis, co-founder of KK, says “For kids that go into foster care, they often arrive the first night with nothing. The First Night Bag ensures that they have what they need and it makes them more confident, giving them a sense of independence.”

Kadens Kloset does more than just react to tough situations. They also aim to be pro-active and help in early-intervention situations where they can provide basic clothing, furniture, etc., to keep kids with their families (in situations deemed safe). Additionally, KK offers Age Out Boxes, and a portable pantry and library. Kadens Traveling Kloset reaches kids who may not have easy access to a donation location.

Viking Pump would like to thank Kadens Kloset for the impact they are making in our community and hope that this donation will be beneficial in promoting their initiatives. To find the KK donation location nearest to you, visit www.kadenskloset.com.

ROOTS (Recognizing Our Opportunity to Serve) is a committee of Viking Pump employees whose mission it is to “improve the quality of life in our local communities through acts of service, donations, and strategic partnerships”. Members of the committee rotate in and out year-to-year giving every employee a chance to participate.

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