Pipeline Injection Solutions

Pipeline Injection Solutions

GB-414 Series™ Pipeline Injection Pump
GB 41430 cutaway

Dimensionally Interchangeable with Equivalent Gen 2 GP-414 Sizes

  • New advanced materials on critical internal wear surfaces
  • Enhanced wear resistance and durability extend pump life

Rebuildable Design

  • All internal wear components are easily replaceable
  • Simple disassembly and reassembly process saves time and money
  • Complete rebuild kit brings the pump back to as-new operating condition

Upgraded and Reliable Sealing Solution

  • Type 2 bellows seal with standard 200 PSI inlet rating does not require the pump or motor placement to be moved for a seal change
  • Robust axial thrust control bearing reduces premature seal failure due to elevated inlet pressure, starts, stops, and other unique application conditions

Modular Port Design

  • Standard 180⁰ ports with weld neck adapters to accommodate the flange of your choice
  • Common Port Location (CPL) feature allows for installation of lower flowrate pumps when well production decreases without welding or piping modifications

Compact Footprint

  • 7’ unit length on largest pump and motor assembly
  • Motor speed operation eliminates the need for gear reducers or belt drives
  • Units include small, rigid formed steel baseplate complete with spacer coupling and coupling guard
GB-410 Series™ Pipeline Injection Pump
GB-41026 double pump cutaway

Series GB-410

Multiple Sealing Options

  • Single cartridge mechanical seal standard
  • Double and tandem cartridge mechanical seals available
  • Capable of accepting an API 682 seal

Durable Construction

  • Heat treated shaft and spur gears provide reliable service
  • Internal surfaces are Vitek hardened to increase wear resistance

Modular Port Design

  • 6", 180° 4 bolt ports standard
  • Weldneck port adapter design allows for multiple interchangeable flange options
  • Direct drive, motor-speed operation eliminates the need for gearboxes or belt drives
  • Standard inverter duty rated motors

Reduced Maintenance

  • Back pull-out seal design and spacer coupling eliminate the need to disturb piping or perform alignments during seal changes
  • Rigid structural steel base with milled mounting pads and jacking bolts for ease of field alignment
  • No pulsation dampeners, gear reducers, belt drives, or additional equipment to service and maintain


Pump Model (Ductile Iron Externals) Port Size & Type (Inches) Nominal Flow at 1500 PSI, 1765 RPM (GPM) Nominal Flow at 1500 PSI, 1765 RPM (GPH) Nominal Flow at 1500 PSI, 1765 RPM (GPM) Nominal Flow at 1500 PSI, 1765 RPM (GPH) Max Continuous Pressure PSI Max Continuous Pressure BAR Max Recommended Temperature °F Max Recommended Temperature °C Approx. Shipping Weight ** (LBs) Approx. Shipping Weight ** (Kg)
GB-41005 2" NPT* 7.9 474 7.6 456 1500 103 350 175 70 32
GB-41007 2" NPT* 11.2 672 10.7 642 1500 103 350 175 72 33
GB-41009 2" NPT* 13.6 816 13.1 786 1500 103 350 175 73 33
GB-41013 2" NPT* 21.2 1272 20.2 1212 1500 103 350 175 77 35
GB-41018 2" NPT* 28.1 1686 26.8 1608 1500 103 350 175 117 53
GB-41022 2" NPT* 36.8 2208 34.6 2076 1500 103 350 175 120 54
GB-41026 2" NPT* 44 2640 40.9 2454 1500 103 350 175 124 56
GB-41039 2" NPT* 66.8 4008 63.7 3822 1500 103 350 175 170 77
Bolted Lid Strainers
bolted lid strainer

Features & Benefits

  • Strainer bodies available in ductile iron
  • Lid vent, pressure differential gauge ports, and bottom drain are all standard
  • Stainless steel baskets with 3/16” perforation holes standard (no mesh)
  • Basket lining available in 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 mesh
  • Baskets provide maximum hoop strength to prevent distortion or basket damage
  • Ductile iron can be used for steel requirements in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries

Viking Quality Construction

  • High-quality, easy-to-clean simplex strainers
  • Designed for chemical, petrochemical and most general fluid-flow applications
  • Raised face flanges available for 2, 3 & 4 inch piping
  • SS basket and screen are available in no mesh, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 mesh
  • Nominal capacities range from 100 to 400 GPM
  • Pressures up to 640 PSI
  • Strainer bodies and lids are available in ductile iron

Low Pressure Drop

Viking Bolted-Lid Strainers are designed for minimal pressure drop through the unit. Pressure drop is minimized by the inclined position of the strainer basket adjacent to the porting. This provides smooth flow patterns not found in conventional basket type strainers.



Model Number Port Size - Inches Port Type Nominal Capacity Suction Rating - GPM Rated System Pressure - PSI Maximum Temperature F
F-1020-RDUC 2 Class 150 RF 100 250 350
F-1020-HDUC 2 Class 300 RF 100 640 350
F-1030-RDUC 3 Class 150 RF 200 250 350
F-1030-HDUC 3 Class 300 RF 200 640 350
F-1040-RDUC 4 Class 150 RF 300 250 350
F-1040-HDUC 4 Class 300 RF 300 640 350
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The Viking Pump Advantage

Viking Pump is the Global Leader in Positive Displacement Pumping Solutions, from solving transfer challenges for Standard Oil during the depression in the 1920's, to today, where Viking Pumps are used in almost every process where oil or oil derivatives are found. With the advancements in the unconventional oil exploration and production, Viking Pump has created a series of products tailored for the upstream and midstream oil fields and specifically for LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) pipeline injection service. 

Understanding your specific applications and needs is priority number one, and any of our pump experts have the knowledge and experience to make pump recommendations and selections.  We are also driven to understand the complete process where our pumps will be placed.  Viking Pump has been a premier pump of choice in all midstream applications on or around the Pipeline Injection unit based on our reliability, durability, support, and end user value with all of the products we offer. 

Viking Pump has pushed the envelope of innovation and capabilities to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations in the midstream market and when you place a Viking Pump in your production field, you can count on the best quality and reliability backed by our experience and expertise to keep your fluids flowing. 

Lact unit
Lact unit
  • Complete line of Pipeline Injection pumps and strainers 
  • Pipeline Injection pumps expertly selected to operate reliably 
  • Common Port Location (CPL) on booster pumps allows smaller pumps to be retrofitted after IP without changing motor, baseplate, or centerline heights of piping. *special order on some models* 
  • Easy maintenance / zero pipe disruption with back pullout design on charge and booster pumps 
  • Every injection pump is performance tested on the Viking Pump state of the art automated test stand 
  • Backed by the Viking Pump 12 month warranty on workmanship and part defects 
  • Thousands of pump installations across multiple geographic shale plays, varying viscosities, and pipeline pressures up to 1,500PSI 
  • US Based, vertically integrated manufacturing  facilities all located in Cedar Falls, IA