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Viking Pump - The Premier Asphalt OEM Partner

Viking Pump has a long history in the asphalt market - making us the perfect partner for OEMs in every asphalt application. With over 2,000 pumps sold into asphalt applications every year, Viking Pump is the PROVEN market leader. 

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Thermal Shock Capabilities | GB-410 Series™

In this video we run a thermal shock test on one our new GB-410 Series™ glycol dehydration pumps. The temperature differential between the pump and glycol is over 250 degrees! See what happens when a room temperature pump meets really hot glycol. To learn more visit our website at

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Filled Asphalt Solutions

The roof over your head that's keeping you safe and dry - most likely contains a filled asphalt product. Viking Pump has rugged pumps built for handling these filled asphalt applications.

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Pump Report | Electrically Heated Pumps

In this Pump Report, Chad explains the benefits of pumps that are electrically heated.

Pump Report, Hot Applications

Pitch Solutions

Pitch is one of the most viscous liquids out there - That's why Viking Pump is the pump of choice for the processing, transfer, and metering of pitch.

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Wax Solutions

From the candles in your house to food packaging, wax has any number of uses in everyday life. Viking Pump has the technology for pumping wax in its many forms.

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Asphalt Cement Solutions

If you've ever seen road construction or repair, there's a pretty good chance you've seen asphalt cement in action. Viking Pump has products designed to specifically handle the pumping of asphalt cement.

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Hot Melt Solutions

From arts and crafts to corrugated box manufacturing, hot melt adhesives help hold things together. Viking Pump is proud to be a part of the hot melt pumping market.

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Asphalt Emulsions Solutions

Asphalt emulsions play a big role in keeping roadways safe and motorists on the go. Pumping asphalt emulsions can be tricky - but Viking Pump has products that are up to the challenge.

Applications, Hot Applications, Abrasive Applications, O-Pro® Seal, Asphalt

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