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Slowing Down Your Pump's Motor with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

In a PD pump, each rotation of the shaft and gears carries a fixed volume of liquid from the supply tank to the downstream piping. When paired with an AC induction motor, speed and flow are very consistent. But what if you want to CHANGE the flow? In this episode of the Pump Report, Chad discusses controlling your positive displacement pump's motor with a variable frequency drive - or VFD.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

How do you connect a pump to a motor? Here are FOUR common drive types

In our last Pump Report Chad discussed the motors used to power pumps. But how do you connect a pump to that motor? And what if you want to run the pump slower than motor speed?

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

How an External Gear Pump Works (Multiple Gear Sets)

In this video, learn how external gear pumps - with multiple gear sets - create flow. Featured in this video is Viking Pump's GB-414 Series™. GB Series™ products are routinely used for high pressure applications like pipeline injection and natural gas dehydration.

How It Works, Featured Products, Natural Gas Dehydration, LACT, Pumping Principles

Learn the Basics of Electric Motors and How They Apply to Pumps

In this Pump Report, Chad walks through the basics of electric motors and how the related to positive displacement pumps.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

What causes pumps to cavitate? And why is my pump so LOUD?

In this Pump Report, Chad covers the causes and symptoms of positive displacement pump cavitation.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

So your pump is making noise due to cavitation. Now what?

Join Viking Pump's Chad Wunderlich as he describes the multiple ways to address and solve for a cavitating pump.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

This is NOT a Lobe Pump

What do you mean this isn't a lobe pump? In this Pump Report Chad goes over what makes CIRCUMFERENTIAL PISTON pumps different than their rotary lobe counterparts. To learn more, visit

Pump Report, Hygienic Applications, Pumping Principles

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