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Starch Adhesives Solution

More often than not, when you check your front door, there's another package waiting - usually in the form of a cardboard box. The creation of cardboard boxes and other paper products relies on starch-based adhesives to hold things together. Viking Pump has the ideal solution for pumping starch adhesives for the paper and corrugating industries.

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Liquid Fat Solutions

The production of high quality animal feed requires some key ingredients. Some of the most important are liquid fats. Viking Pump has positive displacement pumps designed for pumping different liquid fats.

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Resin Solutions

Resin has been used as a sealant for centuries. Viking Pump has products for the transfer and blending of the many variations of resin.

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Starch Solutions

Starch is everywhere. It's used to make any number of things - from adhesives to food. Viking pumps have found a home in many of these starch-related markets.

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Chocolate Solutions

Out of all of the applications where you can find a Viking pump, chocolate may be the most delicious. Viking pumps are the pump of choice for the processing, transfer, and recirculation of chocolate.

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Grease Solutions

Greases keep things running smoothly - from cars - to machinery - and even Viking's own pumps. Viking pumps are built to handle the challenges of pumping grease.

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Ink Solutions

If it is written down, stamped, or colorized - chances are ink helped make that happen. Pumping ink has its challenges - and Viking Pump has the right pumps for the job.

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Black Liquor Soap Solutions

Even in today's digital world, the manufacturing of paper products is still very necessary - but this process also produces a very important byproduct. Viking Pump has reliable products for handling the valuable substance known as black liquor soap.

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Molasses | Sugar Cane and Beet Mills

Whether it's used in delicious home-baked goods or in mixed animal feeds, molasses is a useful by-product of the sugar refining process. Viking Pump has products that are designed for pumping the various stages of molasses in sugar cane and beet mill processes. 


High Fructose Corn Syrup

From your kitchen pantry to big box cereals, high fructose corn syrup is a sweet addition in many homemade or processed foods. Viking Pump has solutions for pumping high fructose corn syrup.

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Lube Oil Blending Solutions

Lube oil is typically used for lubricating machinery - but before they can do that the right oil blend needs to be created. Viking Pump has pumping technology for assisting with the blending of lube oil.


Lecithin Solutions

Lecithin is a byproduct of edible oil production and is used in a number food products. Viking Pump has positive displacement pumps that can handle the pumping of lecithin.

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Detergent Solutions

From industrial cleaning to running the dishwasher, detergents find their way into many applications. Viking pumps have proven effective in the detergent production process.

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Quaternary Ammonium Compound Solutions

Quaternary ammonium compounds - more simply known as quats - can be found in disinfectants used by restaurants, hospitals, and home owners. Viking pumps are designed to handle the many forms of quats.

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Alcohol Solutions

The transfer and processing of alcohols present a number of chemical compatibility challenges. Viking Pump offers a wide array of pump constructions for the greatest chemical resistance.


Polyvinyl Acetate PVAC Solutions

From your hot glue gun to your chewing gum, polyvinyl acetate is a popular synthetic polymer. Viking Pump has products to pump polyvinyl acetate through many different processes.

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Isocyanate Solutions

Many pumping applications can be difficult - and some of these challenging liquids include isocyanates. Viking Pump offers multiple solutions to maintain the product and maintain safety.

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Cream Solutions

When it comes to topical medical or cosmetic use, creams can be used for many different things. Viking Pump has a number of products capable of pumping various creams.

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Paint Solutions

It doesn't matter if it's brushed, rolled, sprayed, or applied with your fingers - paint makes a regular appearance in our everyday lives. Viking Pump has products that are designed to handle the unique challenges that come with pumping different paints.

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Pitch Solutions

Pitch is one of the most viscous liquids out there - That's why Viking Pump is the pump of choice for the processing, transfer, and metering of pitch.

Applications, Abrasive Applications, Hot Applications

Adhesive Solutions

Adhesives hold things together and can be used just about everywhere. Viking Pump has proven solutions for the unique challenges of pumping adhesives.

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Mill Oil Solutions

Mill oil is used in many stages of steel manufacturing - Viking pumps are designed to handle the various application conditions of transferring mill oil.

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Surfactant Solutions

If you want a great clean - surfactants will need to get involved. Viking Pump has years of experience pumping these building blocks of clean.

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Soaps Solutions

Soaps are essential in everyday life - people need it for washing their hands, doing laundry, and general cleaning around the house. For many years, Viking pumps have been used in the manufacturing of soaps with great success.

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Biofuels Solutions

Biofuels play a huge role in keeping our world fueled up and on the move. Viking Pump has positive displacement products for efficiently pumping various biofuels.


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