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Slowing Down Your Pump's Motor with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

In a PD pump, each rotation of the shaft and gears carries a fixed volume of liquid from the supply tank to the downstream piping. When paired with an AC induction motor, speed and flow are very consistent. But what if you want to CHANGE the flow? In this episode of the Pump Report, Chad discusses controlling your positive displacement pump's motor with a variable frequency drive - or VFD.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

How do you connect a pump to a motor? Here are FOUR common drive types

In our last Pump Report Chad discussed the motors used to power pumps. But how do you connect a pump to that motor? And what if you want to run the pump slower than motor speed?

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

Viking has the Top Pump for Your Bottom Line

Older pump technologies are part of the problem when it comes to emissions and natural gas dehydration. Viking Pump has the solution. GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ are the best pumps for going more green, saving more green, and MAKING more green.

Featured Products, Natural Gas Dehydration

How an External Gear Pump Works (Multiple Gear Sets)

In this video, learn how external gear pumps - with multiple gear sets - create flow. Featured in this video is Viking Pump's GB-414 Series™. GB Series™ products are routinely used for high pressure applications like pipeline injection and natural gas dehydration.

How It Works, Featured Products, Natural Gas Dehydration, LACT, Pumping Principles

Viking Pumps Keep Running So You Don't Have To

Are you tired of getting calls in the middle of the night? Are your gas dehydration pumps failing on the regular? Well have we got news for you: Viking pumps keep running, so you don’t have to! Unlike competitive technologies, the Viking Pump gas dehydration pumping solutions are reliable, with robust manufacturing and testing before arriving for install.

Featured Products, Natural Gas Dehydration, LACT, Hot Applications, Abrasive Applications

Engineered for Natural Gas Dehydration - Viking Pump's GB-410 & GB-414 Series™

Viking Pump's GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ natural gas dehydration pumps are engineered for the job. These external gear pumps are able to withstand higher temperatures, are better for the environment, and can be easily rebuilt.

Featured Products, Natural Gas Dehydration, LACT, Hot Applications, Abrasive Applications

Learn the Basics of Electric Motors and How They Apply to Pumps

In this Pump Report, Chad walks through the basics of electric motors and how the related to positive displacement pumps.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

GB-425 Series™ Mechanical Seal Replacement

In this video, learn how to replace a mechanical seal in Viking Pump's GB-425 Series™.

Complete Service & Repair, LACT, Mechanical Seal, External Gear Repair

Rebuilding a GB-425 Series™ Pipeline Injection Pump

In this video, learn how to perform a complete rebuild of a GB-425 Series™ pipeline injection pump.

Complete Service & Repair, LACT, External Gear Repair

What causes pumps to cavitate? And why is my pump so LOUD?

In this Pump Report, Chad covers the causes and symptoms of positive displacement pump cavitation.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

Learn more about Viking Pump's Latest Pipeline Injection Pump

Have questions? We'd love to chat! Send us a message here: Viking Pump's GB-425 Series™ is a robust and rebuildable external gear pump that is specifically designed for pipeline injection.

Featured Products, LACT

So your pump is making noise due to cavitation. Now what?

Join Viking Pump's Chad Wunderlich as he describes the multiple ways to address and solve for a cavitating pump.

Pump Report, Pumping Principles

Pipeline Injection Pumps from Viking Pump

Viking Pump has been leading the way in critical application pumps for over 110 years - and one of the most difficult - yet essential - applications is crude oil pipeline injection. We are proud to introduce the new GB-425 Series™. Visit our website at

Featured Products, LACT

Our Less Than Perfect Moments

Another great season is in the books for the Pump Report - nice work, Chad! In this video, check out some of our less than perfect moments and laugh along with us!

Pump Report, Just for Fun

Our Cleaner Upstream Oil & Gas Pumping Solution

Viking Pump's Kyle Benning walks through the environmental advantages of using a Viking Pump GB-410 or GB-414 Series™ external gear pump in various natural gas dehydration applications.

LACT, Natural Gas Dehydration, Featured Products

Viking Pump - The Premier Asphalt OEM Partner

Viking Pump has a long history in the asphalt market - making us the perfect partner for OEMs in every asphalt application. With over 2,000 pumps sold into asphalt applications every year, Viking Pump is the PROVEN market leader. 

About Viking, Asphalt, Hot Applications, Abrasive Applications

GB-414 Series™ Complete Repair | GB-41430 and GB-41440

Learn how to tear down and perform a complete repair of Viking Pump's GB-414 Series™. In this video, we take a look at the GB-41430 and GB-41440 models.

LACT, Natural Gas Dehydration, External Gear Repair, Complete Service & Repair

GB-414 Series™ Seal Removal and Installation

In this video we will demonstrate the seal removal and installation of a Viking Pump GB-414 Series™ pump.

External Gear Repair, LACT, Natural Gas Dehydration, Mechanical Seal

GB-414 Series™ 30-Minute Dry Run Test

We ran our new GB-414 Series™ pump for 30 minutes without lubricating liquid. Check out the video to see the results.

Featured Products, LACT, Natural Gas Dehydration

GB-414 Series™ Disassembly and Reassembly

Step-by-step instruction to disassemble and reassemble your Viking GB-414 Series™ pump.

External Gear Repair, LACT, Natural Gas Dehydration, Complete Service & Repair

Thermal Shock Capabilities | GB-410 Series™

In this video we run a thermal shock test on one our new GB-410 Series™ glycol dehydration pumps. The temperature differential between the pump and glycol is over 250 degrees! See what happens when a room temperature pump meets really hot glycol. To learn more visit our website at

Featured Products, Natural Gas Dehydration, Hot Applications

Quick Tip #01 - Setting End Clearance on a Viking Pump Universal Seal Pump

A step by step guide on how to set the end clearance on a Universal Seal pump.

Service Quick Tips, Internal Gear Repair

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