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Chocolate Solutions

Out of all of the applications where you can find a Viking pump, chocolate may be the most delicious. Viking pumps are the pump of choice for the processing, transfer, and recirculation of chocolate.

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Viking's NEW Chocolate Pumps

At Viking Pump, we think about CHOCOLATE every day. We are the professionals when it comes to pumping chocolate and other confections at your facility. Our NEW 1224A-CHC Series® Chocolate pumps don't require any pesky leakage - which keeps your chocolate moving down the line.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

From your kitchen pantry to big box cereals, high fructose corn syrup is a sweet addition in many homemade or processed foods. Viking Pump has solutions for pumping high fructose corn syrup.

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Pump Report | Chocolate Pumps

In this edition of the Pump Report, Chad highlights the new chocolate pumps from Viking Pump.

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Viking Pump is Ready to Partner with Cooking Oil OEMs

Viking Pump is ready to partner with original equipment manufacturers who are in the cooking oil market. Learn how the Viking Pump Advantage can work for you. To learn more visit

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Soy and Corn Oil Solutions

Soy and corn oils, typically referred to as vegetable oil, are a key part in both industrial and every day food preparation. Viking Pump has multiple pump options for the processing of both soy and corn oil. To learn more visit our website at

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Peanut Butter Solutions

Nutritious, delicious, creamy...or maybe chunky - Peanut Butter has been a pantry staple for decades. But before it hits your shelf at home, Viking pumps play a big role in the production of this popular snack. Visit for more information.

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Edible Oils Solutions

Edible oils help keep the world fed - at home cooks and professional chefs use them for frying, baking, and every other type of cooking or food preparation! Viking pumps have been used in the production of edible oils for decades.

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