Process Map

  • Unload flux from railcars to tank farm
  • Transfer flux from tank farm to pre-heater
  • Transfer flux from preheater to blowing stills
  • Transfer blown (oxidized) asphalt to storage
  • Transfer knockdown tank liquids to disposal
  • Unload PMA, Seal-Down and Laminate (adhesive) asphalt from trucks to storage
  • Transfer blown asphalt or PMA to plant day tank
  • Transfer from day tank to mix tank for blending with filler
  • Transfer coating asphalt to coater
  • Return coating asphalt to mix tank
  • Meter seal-down onto shingles
  • Meter laminate onto shingles

Reliability and Local Support

Viking Advantage



RELIABILITY is built into the product, based on more than 100 years of experience handling many different types of asphalt in such diverse applications as: 

  • Refineries (resids, asphalt/bitumen, pitch) 
  • Terminals (straight-run, cutbacks, emulsions, PMA) 
  • Roofing Manufacturers (flux, blown asphalt, PMA, coating asphalt, seal-down, laminate) 
  • Transportation (loading/unloading ships, barges, rail cars, tanker trucks) 
  • Hot Mix Plants (cutbacks, emulsions) 
  • Sealant packaging, tar kettles, distributor trucks, pipe lining, etc. 

Viking also has pumps for roofing plant utilities, including fuel oil for boilers and backup generators, heat transfer oil, knockdown tank liquids and more. 

Your Viking Authorized Distributor provides LOCAL SUPPORT to keep you running, including:

  • Stocking spare parts and pumps
  • Drives, strainers and other accessories
  • Pump selection expertise, commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Operator training
Viking Advantage

Viking Pump Solution

Viking Solution

Viking Sealing

Viking Sealing

Viking Sealing

Viking Advantage

Viking Pump and our Authorized distributors have been trusted partners for the manufacturers of asphalt roofing and sealants for more than a century. Viking invented the internal gear pump, and has worked with the world’s leading roofing manufacturers to develop reliable solutions for handling everything from flux, seal-down and adhesive asphalts to high-temperature blown and polymer modified asphalts, to highly abrasive coating asphalts.

Roofing plants often rely on 40 or more Viking pumps for 24/7 operation, and Viking’s goal is to ensure that no plant has to stop the line for unplanned maintenance on a pump. With a spectrum of products to choose from, Viking has the right solutions to solve any pumping problem at your facility.

As the world’s leading positive displacement process pump manufacturer, solving difficult liquid transfer problems is what we do. It doesn’t get more difficult than coating asphalt, so rely on Viking’s experience and expertise.


Design Options:

  • 34 Series for simplest maintenance
  • 224A Series for rugged reliability

Sealing Options:

  • Packed gland for maximum simplicity
  • Seal options to prevent leakage, even on coating asphalt

Hard Part Options:

  • Range of options from carbon graphite, bronze and hardened iron to tungsten carbide offer range of choices from lowest cost to longest life

High Temp Options:

  • Special construction options for asphalts over 450°F (230°C) for longest life

Clearance Options:

  • Extra clearances for high viscosities
  • Adjustable end clearances to compensate for wear over time

Heating Options:

  • Integral jacketing for steam or hot oil
  • Jacketed pressure relief valve option protects pump when line is blocked
  • Electrically heated models eliminate hot oil leakage, provide precise control

Reversible direction of flow to strip line after pumping

Robust design is very forgiving of operator error

Easy, in-house maintenance

Stocking distributors worldwide provide local support

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