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Cedar Falls, Iowa (USA)

Viking Engineered Cast Products , a division of Viking Pump, a Unit of the IDEX Corporation, is an ISO 9001 System Certified Company that produces iron and steel castings ranging from commercial grade to those that meet various rigid specifications.

We specialize in responding to your low to medium volume casting needs.

Viking has the people, the experience, the facilities, and most importantly, the commitment to respond to your casting needs. Together, IDEX Corporation, Viking Pump and Viking Engineered Cast Products serve a wide cross section of industries throughout America and around the world.

For additional information, quotes or inquiries please contact:

Foundry Sales Coordinator
Viking Engineered Cast Products
715 Viking Road
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
(319) 273-8191
(803) 216-7715 (fax)

Markets Served

We serve a wide variety of markets, including:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Railroad Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Farm Machinery
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Construction, Mining & Material Handling
  • Electronic / Electrical Equipment
  • Food Service Equip & Machinery
  • Pumps & Compressor Manufacturers
  • Engine & Turbine Manufacturers
  • Mining

Very early in its development as the world leader in positive displacement pumps, Viking Pump realized the importance of having a supply of quality castings from which to build its pumps. So as part of a reorganization and a recapitalization program in 1929, Viking purchased two foundries located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The Banner Brass Foundry became the Viking Pump Brass Foundry. In 1959, with the advent of induction melting facilities and the introduction of pouring stainless steel, this foundry became the Viking Pump Alloys foundry. Today this foundry has expanded to approximately 32,000 square feet.

The Falls Iron Foundry, also purchased in 1929, became the Viking Pump Iron Foundry. The 78,000 square foot Iron Foundry has  moved twice since its original purchase and since 1976 has been located adjacent to the Viking Pump Machine Shop.




Viking Pump Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction by providing the highest level products and services as perceived by our customers.

Our objectives are to:

  • Develop lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Strive for continual improvement in our processes.
  • Promote ongoing training and involvement of all our employees.
  • Utilize statistical techniques.

Viking's Quality Management System is in compliance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. Viking has been registered since January 1994.


The scope of registration includes the manufacture of ferrous castings weighing from ounces to five thousand pounds. Alloys include: Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Ni Resist, Ni Hard, Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Heat and Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steels, Nickel and Cobalt Alloys. Also, the manufacture of proprietary wear resistant parts.

Viking maintains both spectrographic and sand testing labs in each foundry. Tensile testing is performed on-site. Nodularity checks are performed on each ladle of ductile iron.

In conjunction with the ISO registrations and quality labs, Viking uses Six Sigma methodologies and lean manufacturing concepts to continually improve both our products and processes.